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Information Governance Department

The Information Governance Department is based at Macclesfield District General Hospital. The department acts as a central point of contact for requests for information under the following acts:

  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • Access to Health Records Act 1990
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000 
  • Environmental Information Regulations 2004

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Information Governance

Accessing patient records

Patients have a right to access to health information about themselves. Guidance has been produced on the processes to access both living (Subject access request under the Data Protection Act) and deceased patient information (Access to Health Records Act 1990).

If you would like more information about accessing medical records, please contact the Subject Access Team who progress requests on behalf of the trust.  They can be contacted:

By Email applications for access to medical records:

By telephone: 01625 661625


Accessing other types of information

The Information Governance Department also manages the FOI and EIR function for the trust.

How to make Freedom of Information and EIR requests

What is Information governance?

Information governance is described as a framework for handling information in a confidential and secure manner to appropriate ethical and quality standards.  

It is concerned with the way the NHS handles all organisational information, in particular the personal and sensitive information of patients and employees. Fundamentally, it allows organisations and individuals to ensure that personal information is dealt with legally, securely, efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver the best possible care.

The concept of information governance has been around for a while but as separate entities. The term information governance has brought all key information processing standards, guidance and law under one umbrella to strengthen the initiative. The assurance process also requires regular returns to the Department of Health via an information governance toolkit. 

The information governance framework incorporates the following elements:

  • The NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice
  • The Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • The Records Management NHS Code of Practice
  • Information Quality Assurance
  • Information Security Assurance

Information Governance e-learning for staff, agency workers and volunteers

It has been a Department of Health mandated requirement for some time that all staff undertake annual information governance training.  The Trust is required to evidence that all staff have undergone the training, which has historically been provided by using the Connecting for Health website.

The training MUST be undertaken, by all staff, WITHIN THE CURRENT FINANCIAL YEAR and from 2013 onwards, this training will be accessed either:

How do I Access the Training?

Via the ESR system for both Smartcard users (click on the link to access the training using a Smartcard) or via a username/password (click here to go to the relevant page to request a username/password) which has the benefit of automatically updating staff records at the same time as linking in with the annual Statutory & Mandatory Training, or via the IG Workbook and undertaking an assessment.

User guides (containing links to the ESR system) are available on the Cheshire HR Direct website.


What Training Do I need to Do?


When you access your ESR record you will see the 2 nationally recognised IG Training modules:

Introduction to Information Governance

Information Governance: The Refresher Module

East Cheshire NHS Trust only requires staff to undertake one module per year - New Starters to the Trust must complete Introduction to Information Governance within 4 weeks of commencing employment with the Trust.  This module is only done once.

Current Employees (who have previously completed the Introduction to Information Governance module) must complete the Information Governance: The Refresher Module, each financial year.


Additional modules are available on the Connecting for Health website which can be accessed by following the link below:

A user guide to help you access this additional, voluntary training is available for download here

If you are already a registered user but are having difficulties remembering your username/password, please contact the Information Governance Manager (details below).

Below is a list of the additional modules:

Confidentiality & Caldicott (3 resources)

Level                 Title

Foundation         The role of the Caldicott/IG Lead in General Practice

Foundation         Patient confidentialityPractitioner

The Caldicott Guardian in the NHS and social care

Information Risk Management (3 resources)

Level                 Title

Introductory        NHS Information Risk Management: Introductory

Foundation         NHS Information Risk Management: Foundation

Introductory        NHS Information Risk Management forSIROsand IAOs

Information Security (5 resources)

Level                 Title

Introductory        Password Management

Introductory        Information Security Guidelines

Foundation         Secure Transfers of Personal Data

Foundation         Information Security Management

Foundation         Business Continuity Management

Records Management (5 resources)

Level                 Title

Foundation         Records Management and the NHS Code of Practice

Practitioner         Records Management in the NHS

Practitioner         Access to Health Records

Introductory        The importance of good clinical record keeping

Foundation         Record keeping standards for hospital inpatients

Using the IG Workbook

Copies of the Workbook are available to download here

Once you have read the workbook, double-click on the assessment embedded at the end of the Workbook, complete and return to the Information Governance Department – either by e-mail or as hard copy.

Your assessment will be marked and you will receive an e-mail confirming your compliance status (you need to achieve 80% to pass the assessment).

If you have any questions about the IG Training or information governance in general, please contact us at the address below.

"IG Training will offer assurance to patients, staff and commissioners that our Trust is committed to providing a confidential and secure service”



How to contact us:


The Information Governance Department

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The Information Governance Department

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