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Maternity Services Liaison Committee

  • What do you think of your local maternity services?
  • What do you want from them?

The East Cheshire Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) would like to hear from you, to share your views and to become more involved please contact us 01625 661 146. 

Maternity Services Liaison Committees are a forum for maternity service users, providers and commissioners of maternity services to come together to design services that meet the needs of local women. Those involved with the MSLC are committed to seeking and listening to the views of users of the service and the MSLC continually strive to monitor and develop the quality of service provision.

The MSLC meet regularly and discuss local maternity services, set the service specification for the services and are the voice for the local population. MSLCs include commissioners, providers and users of maternity services including women and men who have recently become parents as well as experienced maternity services user advocates.

For more information about East Cheshire's MSLC or details on how to join please contact 01625 661146 or visit the MSLCs website

Minutes of meetings

Minutes of the Maternity Service Liaison meetings can be found on the right hand download menu.

If you require a copy of the reports as mentioned in the minutes - please telephone 01625 661150 to request a copy.

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