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Regardless of gestation age, some babies require admission to our Neonatal Unit. The unit is a level two Neonatal Unit which provides eight cots and incubators plus the facilities and staff to provide special, high dependency and short term intensive care for babies over 31 weeks gestation. 

Babies born below this gestation may be transferred to a level three unit for ongoing intensive care and return to Macclesfield District General Hospital as their condition stabilises. The unit also accepts admissions  from other regional Maternity Units.

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Our services

All our staff have undertaken additional training and qualifications in caring for the sick newborn. The overall approach is one of multi-disciplinary care totally inclusive of parents. 
Our aim is to provide individualised developmental care. 
Some babies may need to stay on the unit for several weeks, so the mothers will need to return home and leave their babies in our care. The staff are very aware of the need for contact between babies and parents at this time and will do all they can to facilitate this. Parents and siblings are encouraged to visit freely and to provide care for their baby. A sitting room is available for the family which may be used overnight to ensure parents gain confidence in caring for their baby independently before going home
Other visitors are requested to respect the Maternity Unit visiting times.  

Babies will be discharged when they are gaining weight, feeding independently and no longer in need of hospital treatment.


Name  Title
Dr D Wright Consultant Paediatrician
Dr G Whitehead Consultant Paediatrician 
Dr I Losa Consultant Paediatrician 
Dr K Woolfson Consultant Paediatrician 
Dr D Owoeye Consultant Paediatrician 
Dr S Chandrasekaran Consultant Paediatrician 
Dr M Gopi Consultant Paediatrician 

More information

Please contact the Neonatal Unit on 01625 661148.


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