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Supervisors of Midwives

What is Supervision of Midwives?

Supervision of Midwives is a statutory function (required by law, through an act of parliament) for the protection of the public from poor midwifery practice. This is undertaken by Supervisors of Midwives monitoring midwivery practice and providing support and guidance to achieve safe standards. This work is done by experienced midwives who have undertaken additional education and training to support, guide and supervise midwives. Every midwife must have a named supervisor of midwives. Supervisors are also available to act as a support for women and their families in planning their care.

What does a Supervisor of Midwives do?

The Supervisors of Midwives offer professional leadership to support and guide midwives in providing  a safe, quality service to protect mothers and babies. 

In providing this support, Supervisors of Midwives will promote excellence in midwifery care. They will assess professional standards and practice against statutory rules, and national and local polices, together with undertaking the assessment of clinical outcomes and dissemination of appropriate action. 

Supervisors of Midwives provide the opportunity for all midwives to continually evaluate their practice, identify areas for development and agree how this development can be achieved. Supervisors of Midwives value a culture that encourages professional learning and personal development. 

By working a 24 hour support role, Supervisors of Midwives create the environment where midwives are confident and competent to offer evidence based midwifery care to all women. The care options available ensure women have the opportunity to make informed choices through the pregnancy continuum.

All Supervisors of Midwives are accountable to the North West Local Supervisory Authority Midwifery Officer.

Women and their families choosing East Cheshire NHS Trust maternity services may contact a Supervisor of Midwives at any time to discuss concerns or issues regarding their care. The Supervisor of Midwives will strive to resolve any issues raised, acting as an advocate in the interests of the woman. 

Women are encouraged to talk to a Supervisor of Midwives in confidence if any issues arise with which they may need assistance. Please contact the Labour Ward on 01625 661155 and ask to speak to the Supervisor of Midwives on call. 

East Cheshire Trust Supervisors of Midwives

The Supervisors of Midwives at East Cheshire NHS Trust provide all midwives with professional leadership, support, advice and guidance on clinical practice issues. 
Supervisors of Midwives also develop and maintain safe practice to ensure the protection of you, your baby and family. They meet regularly with midwives and ensure a high standard of care is provided. 

Supervisor of midwives clinic

One of the main roles of supervision is to provide support and advocacy for women throughout pregnancy and into the post natal period. To help in achieving this objective, a supervisor of midwives clinic has commenced on a weekly basis to discuss any issues, develop individual plans of care and provide an environment for further debrief. Women can self refer or be referred by their midwife or obstetrician, and time will be dedicated to meeting the individual needs of those attending. The commencement of this clinic is in line with the desire of Macclesfield Maternity Unit to provide a safe and quality service.

The team

East Cheshire Trust Supervisors of Midwives are:

Name  Number 
Elaine Alston  01625 661140
Amanda Lucas 01625 661365
Heather Millward 01625 661151
Michelle Moran 01625 661141
Lynda Moorcroft 01625 661146
Lorraine Perry 01625 661163
Beverley Walsh 01625 661140
Karen Vernon 01625 661140



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