Congleton War Memorial Hospital

1924 saw the birth of Congleton War Memorial Hospital, paid for by public subscription after years of fundraising by local people as a memorial to those who died in the first world war.

Congleton Team

Congleton War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) is a relatively small hospital, but with many facilities and services. As well as providing a wide range of local health care to the residents of Congleton and the surrounding areas, it is a specialist Intermediate Care Unit. It helps people who no longer need the facilities of Macclesfield District General Hospital to recover in a more homely and relaxed environment than is possible in a busy acute hospital more aligned to the treatment of those who are acutely ill. This can be an important step on the pathway home or to longer term care and is available for anyone in the eastern part of Cheshire as well as to the residents of Congleton. A stay at Congleton War Memorial Hospital can also provide an ideal opportunity to confirm future needs on leaving hospital and for the necessary arrangements to be made. CWMH has a very ‘family’ feel about it. There is one ward named Aston Unit, with 28 beds.

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