Infection Prevention and Control Team

Reducing the risk of avoidable health care associated infections in the healthcare environment is everyone's responsibility.

Germs can be spread by health care workers, patients, visitors, and dirty equipment. To support in the reduction of Infection the trust has a dedicated Infection Prevention and Control Team who are proactive in supporting clinical areas and patients, carers to prevent the spread of micro-organisms working in partnership with CCGs, local councils and Public Health England.


washing hands

 Hand Hygiene

"It’s OK to ask our

staff to WASH their hands"

  • Visitors are requested to wash their hands on entry to the ward areas using the sinks provided.

  • Staff are required to follow the “Five Moments “ of hand hygiene when giving clinical care, in addition to decontaminate their hands on entry to a clinical area using the alcohol gel dispensers at the entrance to the wards

  • If visiting a family member who requires infection control precautions please wash your hands prior to leaving the area. We also request you do not visit any other area in the hospital.

General Infection Control Principles

  • Please avoid visiting if you are unwell with symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting or Flu type illness. If in doubt please speak to the nurse in charge. As this could spread to others.
  • If you have been identified as having a particular infection in another area for example MRSA please inform the person caring for you.
  • During your care you may be required to have a swab for MRSA or CPE we will ensure this is explained to you and you are informed of any “positive” results.
  • We aim to provide a clean safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.
  • To provide equipment which is clean at all times.
  • To ensure staff competency by providing training in Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Reducing the risk of resistance to antibiotics by ensuring robust antibiotic stewardship.

 How to contact us

If you require and further advice or support please contact a member of the Infection Prevention and Control Team on 01625 661597.

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