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Travel Clinic

We provide a full range of travel clinic services, support and assistance, before, during and after your trip including: travel vaccinations, immunisations, medicine and injections.

Who can use the service?

The travel service is a private service provided by Macclesfield Health Hub and therefore is available to anyone who requires vaccinations for travel whether it is for a holiday or business.

How do I make an appointment?

The service operates a appointment only system.

Appointments are on:

Wednesdays 16:00 till 20:00

Saturdays 08:30 till 12:00.

To book an appointment please call 01625 264095 Monday to Friday 08:00 till 18:00.


How long are the appointments?

The appointment length will depend on what vaccinations are given. An initial appointment usually lasts 30 minutes. You will be advised at the time of booking how long your appointments will last.

How soon will I be seen?

Your appointment will be booked as soon as possible dependant on your date of travel and requirements.

What can I expect?

We aim to offer a convenient, reliable, customer focused service. We offer a choice of appointments with a specialist nurse in a safe and clean environment. You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and not be discriminated against with regards to ethnicity, belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or gender reassignment.

The receptionist will take your personal details, travel destination and date of travel. Your details are then passed on to our travel nurse.

The travel nurse will return your call within 48hours. She will advise you on travel  vaccinations for your holiday destination and if you are able to receive these free through your own GP. An appointment will, if necessary, be booked for you at this stage.

What happens when I arrive for my appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment you are 

In the initial consultation you will be asked to sign a consent form and travel vaccinations agreement. This allows the travel nurse to administer the vaccinations and you agree to pay the charges which are outlined in the agreement.asked to book in at the reception and take a seat in the waiting area until you are called.

Please let the nurse know if you have any special needs so that they can be taken into account.

We ask that you are courteous and respectful to our staff as they have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know.

We ask that you pay for your vaccinations in accordance with the agreement.

Payments are made at the first floor reception we accept cash, cheque, debit and most credit cards. We do not accept American Express.

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Your NHS Services

Your NHS Services

The adult Audiology department provides comprehensive hearing services for adults.

The service operates regular clinics in community settings across the district; aiming to deliver a friendly, local service carried out by highly experienced clinical staff with over 100 years of clinical experience.

We are based in purpose built accommodation with specially designed sound proofed booths to ensure accurate testing where a hearing loop is installed at reception.

We offer new technology digital hearing aids and provide gateways to other support services.

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Consulting Rooms

Consulting Rooms

Suitable for consulting use or minor treatments,

  • Affordable high street rates
  • Great location
  • Modern facilities
  • Shared reception staff
  • Free Wifi
  • Flexible opening times
  • Short and long term lease available


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