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Our services

The Cheshire HR Service supports the staff at East Cheshire NHS Trust through the following services;

The Cheshire HR Administration Services

The Cheshire HR Administration Service is responsible for providing a wide range of administration services to our customer organisations. This includes the following areas:

  • Electronic staff records
  • Workforce information
  • Recruitment 
  • Learning and Development Support Service Administration Team

The Human Resources Business Partner Teams

The Human Resources Business Partner Teams work alongside key organisational functions including business units, clinical divisions and service provider organisations, providing expertise and advice on:

  • HR strategy
  • Workforce planning and service re-design
  • Commissioning of services
  • Employee relations
  • Policy development
  • Equality and diversity
  • Model employer
  • Staff engagement
  • HR infrastructure

All services focus on organisational needs and take account of best human resources practice and employment law.
The teams represent an interface between the trust and the HR services teams, acting as ‘account managers’ to ensure smooth delivery of HR processes and services. Additionally, the teams liaise closely with other key parts of the service, including Learning and Development, HR Administration and Occupational Health.

The Learning and Development Team

The Learning and Development Team provides a range of training and development opportunities for all staff groups at locations across Cheshire. The team also work with individual trusts on related strategic matters, including Learning and Development policies and Learning and Development agreements with the Strategic Health Authority.

The Corporate HR Team

The Corporate HR Team provides business management to Cheshire HR Service. This includes the following:

  • Financial and budget management
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Service level agreements negotiations
  • Performance monitoring arrangements
  • Business planning
  • Objectives monitoring
  • Organisational development and employee wellbeing services

In addition, the Corporate HR Team provides business partner services for Cheshire HR Service.
The Corporate HR Team includes the following areas:

  • Employee Wellbeing Service
  • Staff Counselling Team



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