Quick links for ECNT Staff


Customer Care Services / Patient Advisory Liaison Service
EOL Partnership
The Alzheimer’s Society Cheshire
Dementia UK
Age UK Cheshire East
Social Services (Cheshire East & OOH’s)
Link to Live Well Alzheimer’s
Link to Well Cheshire East
How to order; Twiddlemuffs, cannula sleeves, handbags etc…
Dementia Friendly ID Badges


Dementia Care Bundle (1&2)
Finger Food Menu & Guide for how to order
(Link to Droplet Mugs - how to purchase)
Delirium Pathway
Dementia Guide
MCA & DoLs
National Dementia Audit (if site up and running before September)
Prime Ministers 2020 Challenge
John’s Campaign
Feeding & Drinking (Dementia UK)
Link to relevant Policies

Dementia Friendly Sessions

<Paragraph about Dementia Friendly Sessions>

You can find more information about forthcoming sessions here.

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