lady having mammogram

Your donations really do make a difference. Donations allow us to fast-track the purchase of innovative healthcare equipment, provide specialist training and support patients with the best healthcare at home, in the community and in our hospitals.

We know that visiting a hospital for treatment can be a daunting task and we aim to give every patient the best experience possible. Your donations enable us to provide our teams with training in the latest healthcare techniques, equipment for wards such as our Children’s Ward and support initiatives for patient wellbeing.

Here are just a few examples of how your donations have made a real difference to date.

We have invested £110,000 to provide specialist X-ray facilities for orthopaedic patients

We have invested £15,275 for an innovative ‘harmonic scalpel’ which seals the wound edge during surgery and aiding recovery

We have invested £14,710 for a ‘scalp cooler’ to help prevent hair loss during cancer treatment

We have invested £4,823 for three infusion pumps to help administer fluids to our youngest patients in our special care baby unit

Quite simply these are items that we would not have been able to fund without your support. Your donations really do bring countless benefits to the lives of the patients we treat every day at our hospitals and community sites. Find out how you can donate today.

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