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Guys or girls: Are you confused about your sexual orientation?

Lots of things in life can be confusing. Your sexual orientation can be one of them. Working out whether you're straight, gay or bisexual can be easy for some people. For others, it may be more difficult. Most people, if they're honest have fancied or had feelings for someone of the same sex. Some may have even experimented with another person of the same sex. The important thing though is to realise that this is a perfectly normal part of your sexual development. Whether you are gay (attracted to people who are the same sex as you), straight (attracted to the opposite sex) or bisexual (attracted to both sexes) what really matters is that you are comfortable with who you are. What's also important is that you don't take risks when having sex, so that you reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Will talking to someone help?

Whether you are unsure about your sexual orientation, or you know for sure that you're gay, if you feel you need to talk to someone there are lots of people who can help. From local youth leaders, gay lesbian or bisexual support groups in your area to someone at your community contraception and sexual health clinic there are people listen to you, answer any questions you might have and give you all the support you need. These are people who understand you. People who can offer reassurance and any advice you might need, from handling relationships to staying safe sexually. And of course, you can be sure that everything you talk about will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Tackling homophobia head on

These days, being gay isn't such a big deal. Many celebrities, from pop stars to TV presenters are gay and this has helped to increase tolerance and acceptability of those in same sex relationships. There are still people who are uncomfortable about gay people. They may think that gay and bisexual people are so different that they shouldn't be treated equally to everyone else. They might make jokes or call gay people names. Or they might take things further and bully, intimidate or even harm those that they believe to be gay. Such behaviour towards gay people is known as homophobia. Not only can it be extremely damaging, it's actually a crime. So if you or someone you know has been discriminated against then you should tell someone you trust.

Body Positive (CNW) - Body Positive Cheshire & North Wales provides social groups, one-to-one support, testing, advice and guidance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people around their sexuality and sexual health.
Body Positive Cheshire & North Wales - - 01270 653150
Utopia (Crewe) - - 07794437602 or 01270 251002
Utopia (Macclesfield), - 07794437234


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