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East Cheshire NHS Trust encourages patients back to normal services

12 October 2020

On 9th July 2020, Macclesfield Hospital re-opened their 'green' elective surgical areas on Ward 5 and Surgical Daycase Unit and since then, staff have been successfully admitting patients for elective procedures as normal.

All patients who are admitted to Ward 5 and Surgical Daycase Unit are on a green pathway, meaning they have self-isolated or observed strict social distancing for 14 days prior to their operation. 72 hours prior to admission, patients are required to undergo a COVID-19 swab test for infection control and prevention measures.

On the day of admission, patients are met in the car park by a member of staff for temperature checks and a screening questionnaire before being brought onto the ward.

“Sharon McCoy, Senior Sister for Ward 5 and Surgical Day Case Unit said, “It’s now been four months since elective surgery recommenced and not one patient has tested positive prior to admission or in the 14 days following their discharge which demonstrates the team's commitment to ensuring our patients are safe.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve come through over recent months and how we’re now trying to get back to normality. We want to get our elective patients back in to get their procedures done and minimise waiting lists as much as possible.”

Staff carry out an average of 12 – 16 daycase procedures per day which can range from cataract operations, laparoscopy’s and breast surgery as well as inpatients undergoing major surgery.

Dr John Hunter, Medical Director at East Cheshire NHS Trust said, “Following the temporary suspension of all routine surgical activity in late March we were extremely pleased to start elective operating again in July. Reconfiguration of our estate has allowed us to provide COVID-19 secure areas to ensure the safest possible environment for our patients undergoing surgery. Inevitably the pandemic has negatively impacted on our waiting lists but the teams are working hard to ensure that patients are prioritised based on their clinical need and length of wait.”

From Monday 12th October, the trust will also be implementing an increase in the number of face to face appointments for physiotherapy patients who are able to attend the hospital.

In addition to the face-to-face sessions being offered, therapy services are also undertaking virtual consultations with patients, and making use of both video and telephone media to ensure continued support to their patients.

Matt Hurst, Physiotherapy Team Manager at East Cheshire said, “If you have any musculoskeletal issues that you would like addressing, you can submit a self-referral form online here or visit your GP.”