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The East Cheshire NHS Trust homebirth service has now been fully reinstated

16 December 2020

The trust is pleased to announce that our homebirth service has now been fully reinstated for all women of East Cheshire.

To support this fantastic news, the maternity team have also invested in the expert-led Community Midwife Bags for home births, which have been recognised for their excellence by the Health Service Journal Patient Safety Awards in partnership with the charity, Baby Lifeline.

Bo Hamilton-Cody, Head of Midwifery said, “we are delighted to announce that along with the work we’ve done to date focussing on reinstating this service we have purchased these bags to enhance safety in the home setting. These bags have replaced the much-used previous home-birth bags our midwives carried.

“The award-winning bags are put together by an expert group consisting of midwives, obstetricians, paramedics, pharmacists, and neonatologists to decide an “essentials” list with everything needed for births at home, including emergencies.

“Designed in line with infection prevention and control guidance, everything is easily and quickly accessible using colour-coding and rapid access pouches. They also come on wheels or as backpacks to ensure they can be easily transported to any out-of-hospital birth setting.”

For more information or to express your interests of having a home birth, speak to your community midwife or please contact us via 01625 661145/661151