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Macclesfield District General Hospital introduces the Red Frames Project

20 October 2020

Following a successful pilot on Ward 3, East Cheshire NHS Trust will be rolling out a new initiative at Macclesfield Hospital this November to support the prevention and management of patient falls.

The Red Frames Project will see the introduction of approximately 140 red, wheeled mobility frames which will ensure that all patients who require a walking aid whilst in hospital will have the equipment to help them, exclusively to them.

Currently, patients who require walking aids are issued with a standard silver frame which could be shared between several patients on a ward. 

The new red frames are visually more stimulating, dementia friendly, and ideal for patients with sensory impairments. 

Helena Janovova,  Falls Coordinator at Macclesfield District General Hospital said, 
“The main factor behind the introduction of the Red Frames Project is that during a recent audit, we recognised that our patients were required to share mobility frames.

“We felt that issuing patients with their own mobility aid would provide them with more independence and confidence to get up and move around the ward at any time. An additional benefit of patients having access to their own mobility aid is reducing infection risk from cross-contamination where patients share equipment.

“Patient and staff feedback from the pilot phase has been hugely positive, and based on its success, we have secured charitable funds to purchase 140 red frames which will be distributed to all inpatient wards this November.” 

Should a patient require a mobility aid on discharge, they will be issued with a prescription from the inpatient therapy team to ensure their needs are met.

“We are excited to roll this initiative out across the hospital site and are confident that it will significantly contribute towards our prevention and reduction of falls, increase the standards of patient care and experience and overall adherence to current NICE clinical guidelines for Falls in Older People: Assessing Risk and Prevention (CG161)” adds Helena.