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Staff at East Cheshire NHS Trust celebrate 1000 years combined service with special awards

14 August 2023

A special celebratory event was held at Macclesfield Hospital last week for staff who have completed over 20 years of continuous service to East Cheshire NHS Trust.

Over 30 members of staff with more than 1000 years of combined service were presented with their Long Service Awards by Chair of the Board, Aislinn O’Dwyer to celebrate and acknowledge their exceptional dedication and contributions to the Trust.

Chief Executive Ged Murphy was also present to offer his congratulations to long-serving staff which included the first cohort of international nurses to the Trust.

Chair of the Board, Aislinn O’Dwyer said: “The fact that you are all here receiving these awards says a lot about the organisation in terms of living the Trust values and continuing to grow and thrive within the organisation.

“It’s about creating the right conditions for staff to develop in an organisation that supports growth and ensuring it isn’t just a job that they go to, but you are able to thrive in. I would like you all to continue to grow within East Cheshire which I am sure you will.”

Staff Nurse, Angelica Capinianes, who was celebrating 20 years with the Trust said: “Over the past 20 years I couldn’t be more thankful to the Trust. Thankful for shaping me as the person I am today and also helping me fulfil my passion of helping others.

“I will always admire the NHS drive and for improving peoples’ lives and committing to a quality standard of care. Thank you to all my colleagues for a wonderful 20 years and for all of your support.”

Senior Sister, Diah Gargoles, who was part of the first cohort of international nurses in 2002, added: “I remember joining the Trust in 2002 as part of the first cohort of international recruits. I was the youngest of the group and now I have now been a nurse in the UK for longer than I was in my birth country of the Philippines.

“My transition was challenging initially, but the support was amazing. We can’t be where we are without our colleagues and that includes everyone up to the Chief Executive. It’s a testament that we are all here celebrating our long service. The Trust has given us all the support that we need in order for us to grow and transition.”


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