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Housekeeper uniform

Housekeepers help make sure that hospital wards and other settings are clean, safe and attractive places for patients and staff.

A housekeeper will lead ward services such as catering, cleaning, equipment and supplies. The work can include:

  • talking to and reassuring patients
  • ordering non-clinical supplies
  • keeping the ward clean and tidy 
  • serving and clearing away meals
  • preparing snacks and drinks
  • reporting faults
  • clerical and admin tasks
  • ordering patient transport
  • receiving visitors

They may work with patients, taking on some of the duties of a healthcare assistant such as feeding patients, taking and recording blood pressure, temperature.

Housekeepers are part of the ward team. They work under the direction of the senior nurse or ward manager. They work closely with domestic services, catering and linen services staff as well as nursing staff and clinical support staff.