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Health & Wellbeing

East Cheshire NHS Trust is fully committed to the health and wellbeing of its employees.  As a health service, health and wellbeing applies as much to our employees as it does to the local population and we want to do as much as we can to enable our employees to be at their best, be energised, motivated and committed to their work.Our staff engagement, wellbeing and inclusion-delivery plan focuses on keeping our staff fit, healthy and well throughout their working career, with particular emphasis on the reduction of sickness-absence related to stress/anxiety and musculoskeletal issues. A dedicated team supports the provision of Workforce Wellbeing, Engagement and Inclusion across the trust.

Mental & Emotional Support

On-site face to face counselling is available to staff which may be offered via the trust's Occupational Health Service if deemed appropriate.

Smoke free environment

The trust premises and grounds are a smoke free environment for the health and benefit of all patients, staff and visitors. The Trust also supports staff who wish to stop smoking by offering 1 months’ supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Flu Vaccinations

The trust offers a free seasonal flu vaccination to staff each year in October and November, helping staff to stay well during the flu season.

Flexible working

Our organisation is committed to offering flexible, modern employment practices and recognises that staff require options which enable them to strike a sensible balance between work and home life. The trust has a work life balance Policy that helps staff achieve this. 

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy

There is a dedicated chapel and multi-faith room on the Macclesfield site for patients, visitors or staff. Anyone can access the trust's spiritual care and chaplaincy service.  The service can also assist in contacting a representative of a particular faith group.

Wellbeing activities

Regular wellbeing activities are scheduled for staff to participate in such as:

  • Monthly complementary therapy days
  • Staff wellbeing events
  • Health-promotion activities
  • Pre-retirement sessions
  • Mid-career financial planning
  • Walking Group
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health First Aid Courses 

 Our Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up e-mail includes information on the latest activities on offer.

Fast track to Physio 

Staff have access to self-help advice, Physiotherapy exercise videos and links to local information which supports early self-management to help resolve or improve symptoms quickly. There is also advice and resources to help prevent re-occurrence or to manage long standing conditions. Staff can also self-refer directly to the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Team where priority access will be given to appointments available at Macclesfield District General Hospital, Congleton War Memorial Hospital and Knutsford Hospital.

Cheshire Occupational Health Service

All staff have access to our Occupational Health service which is an impartial, confidential service that helps staff improve and maintain their physical and psychological health and wellbeing, ensuring everyone experiences a working environment in which they are physically and emotionally suited.  The service is a fully accredited service under the Faculty of Occupational Medicine's SEQOHS scheme (Safe, Effective, Occupational Health Services). Staff can access the service either through self-referral or via line manager referral, but in both instances an appointment must be made in advance and a referral form completed prior to an appointment being arranged.

Staff can also be provided with a print out of their immunisation details however require a minimum of 48 hours notice to process immunisation history requests. These documents can be collected in person from the Occupational Health Department and will require proof of identification upon collection. Annual influenza vaccinations are also provided by the team in addition to advice on how to obtain a voucher for eyesight screening / referrals for DSE users.