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Reward and Recognition

East Cheshire NHS Trust have a Reward and Recognition Scheme which provides a framework around which colleagues can be rewarded and recognised for above and beyond contributions to the trust, and for suggestions and ideas that make a difference. There are various schemes in place which are open to all trust employed staff, including bank colleagues. 

Colleague and Team of the Month

The colleague of the month scheme allows staff to nominate fellow colleagues for their above and beyond contributions to the department, trust and/or patients. Each winner of Colleague of the Month will receive High Street gift vouchers worth £75. The team of the month scheme allows staff to nominate a team for their above and beyond contributions to the trust and/or patients. The Team of the Month will receive £400 which will be added to their budget. 

Staff Suggestion Scheme

All suggestions are welcome from staff which will contribute to increased or improved patient care or improved ways of working whilst maintaining financial viability. Staff whose suggestions are implemented will be involved with the implementation process, should they wish, and will also receive High Street vouchers to the value of £100.

Thank you notes

The aim of the thank you note element of this scheme is to support and facilitate a culture of ‘saying thank you’ and to develop a culture of appreciation both within teams and throughout the wider trust. Thank you notes can be shared freely amongst colleagues, either on a named or anonymous basis.

'Hug in a Mug'

We encourage staff to acknowledge the great work their colleagues are doing by filling a mug full of treats on their desk as a surprise. It is then that individuals turn to do the same to another colleague. Each directorate has a mug to pass around the various teams. 

Annual Staff Awards event 

The Staff Awards provide an opportunity to recognise the excellent work of staff throughout the trust and to highlight the good practice of individuals and teams. Communications are circulated on an annual basis with regards to the nomination process and shortlisted colleagues will be invited to a trust funded Awards Evening.

Service Recognition

The trust values the loyalty of its employees and recognises the contribution that all staff make to the trust on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, long service is acknowledge under this scheme at 5 yearly intervals. In addition, each colleague is eligible for a 20 year long service award will receive High Street Gift vouchers to the value of £150, a certificate and an invitation to a Celebration Ceremony presentation.

Retirement Function

Any member of staff who retires from employment at the trust after 20 years of service will be eligible for a retirement function (one only).

Compassion Award

The trust recently introduced a new ‘Compassion Award’ which recognises outstanding care provided to patients, their families and carers at times of vulnerability, anxiety and need. Staff and patients can nominate any member of staff for the award and recipients are presented with a commemorative badge

Excellence Reporting

Excellence reporting was introduced to the trust in June 2018. This enables all staff within the organisation to report good and excellent practice that they experience via a quick and simple form within the trust’s incident reporting system, Datix. This allows the trust to identify where particularly good care is being provided, share that information with other areas and celebrate success. All recipients of excellence reports receive a letter of recognition from an executive which can be used for medical and nursing revalidation.