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Learning & Development

East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to being a learning organisation, which facilitates the development of all its members and continuously transforms itself. 

When you join us you will have access to a wide range of learning and development opportunities. Through regular reviews in one to one meetings, supervision and annual appraisal you can be assured you will be supported in achieving your development goals.


At East Cheshire NHS Trust, we adopt an annual process by which we prioritise and plan the training within the resources we have. Information gathered from the annual learning and development plans help to develop the training requirements across the whole trust.

The trust recognises that staff are its most valuable resource and as such, supports and encourages learning to enable the realisation of individuals' professional and personal potential. The trust also endeavours to provide high quality education, training and development with the specific aim of improving patient care. This means the trust is committed to ensuring that staff receive appropriate and timely training and development to ensure they are:

  • Confident and competent in their job role
  • Able to provide person-centred, high quality and evidenced informed care
  • Provided with the opportunity to develop and progress in their field of expertise

Across the trust, we work hard to ensure that training can be delivered in the right manner, to the right people, in the right locations.

For further information on Clinical Training, Leadership Training, Library and Medical Education, please visit these pages.