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Leadership and Management Training

At East Cheshire NHS Trust we value and support our staff to become the best they can be. We have several very popular leadership programmes available in-house which you can discuss with your line manager. Effective leadership is essential to leading services here at East Cheshire and we are passionate about investing in good leadership, to enable our staff to become the best they can be. It is vital that all of our staff have the skills and confidence to lead improvements in the services and quality of care we provide. We offer a portfolio of leadership programmes to develop key leadership abilities and behaviours across all levels of management. 

Aspiring Leaders Programme

This 6 module programme, with the training delivered virtually, is to provide those who are new to a leadership or management position or aspiring to be in this position with an introduction to the skills required to manage and lead people effectively. By the end of the course, attendees will know the difference between leadership and management and when to apply each function, understand the wide range of skills they will need possess to be an effective leader and manager, know a range of leadership approaches and the situations each should be used in, be able to get the team to a high performing standard in a shorter period as possible and have built a clear development plan to develop the skills learnt in the workshop further. 

Some recent quotes from attendees:

“It was hard work and made me look at myself more in depth and decide where I want to go in the future”

“I feel that it has given me a base on which to build. Very supportive group and teacher. Had to read quite a lot which I enjoyed”

“One of the things that stuck with me is that people copy leaders so if I eat at my desk my staff might thing that is the way we do things around here. I am going to stop and go for a walk at lunch and see if some of the staff will do that too”

“I am now more in control and organised. Enjoyed meeting staff from other areas”

Inspiring Leaders Programme

This 14 module programme, with the training delivered virtually, is designed for people with little or no experience of team leadership and management or those who have received no formal training. Each day will comprise two distinct subject areas and will be facilitator led. All sessions will be very interactive and support can be offered to individuals attending the programme. Areas of knowledge and skills covered will include managing self and others, team building, decision making and problem solving, workload management, managing change and transition, communication skills and building resilience.

Some recent quotes from attendees:

“Supported, thought provoking, confidence building, friendships, knowledge; these are just a few things I experienced on the Inspiring Leaders course. Going into the course I was unsure and a bit lost in in my role, coming out after the course I felt more confident and energised to go and inspire others.”

 “I did not think a course about leadership would impact so much on my clinical work. It has really made me think about how much more I can contribute to patient care through changing my approach. Since attending the course I have secured a new more senior role”

“There was a lot of different people on the course from all over the trust which gave me a better understanding of where our service fits. I really enjoyed being able to understand things from other people’s views. Everybody was encouraged and challenged to participate in all of the group activities and I now feel more confident in my role as a leader”

“What I really liked about the programme was that you are challenged and made to move out of your comfort zone. Whilst attending I was given lots of individual support as I was preparing for an interview for a new role. Having got that job I feel that I now have a good network of fellow leaders to engage with from the programme”

North West Leadership Academy 

As an organisation we work closely with the North West NHS Leadership academy and access several of their programmes. To see what is available please use the link below.

North West NHS Leadership academy